Burstin' with Blueberries Dessert Contest

Sponsored by Steve's Donuts and Bybee Farms

  • 11:45pm Register at the Information Booth
  • 12:20pm Judging
  • 1:15pm Announcements at Community Stage

  • Bring your favorite homemade blueberry dessert for the judges to sample
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Winners for BEST Blueberry dessert/food item (no categories)
  • 1st Place Winner: Ribbon & Prizes
  • 2nd Place Winner: Prizes
  • 3rd Place Winner: Prizes
  • Unlimited entries O.K.
  • Questions? Contact the Blueberry Contest Chair

Blueberry Dessert Contest Judging Guidelines

  • Visual: How pleasing is the dessert to look at (prior to cutting/serving)?
    • Score the Dessert 1-5 (5 being highest)
  • Blueberry Component: How Blueberry is the dessert? Does it lead with Blueberry?
    • Score the Dessert 1-15
  • Overall Taste: Is the dessert delicious? Did you eat the whole thing or make an icky face?
    • Score the Dessert 1-10

Note: Yes, it is possible for a dessert with no blueberries at all to score a 15, which would tie a bowl of blueberries. However, blueberries are worth 50% of the possible points, so blueberry desserts will always win. Yes, it's rigged.

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